MyBeauty: Our Vision, Mission and Core Values as a Brand

A Letter from our CEO
There are many brands and businesses in the world today. The common “ringtone” is you need to stand out! Yet in a world where there is little to nothing new under the sun, this is easier said than done.
Our approach to business and developing the brand over the years has been simple. Each individual is unique. This uniqueness comes with various perceptions that shape our lives. So in molding the businesses identity, I decided to mirror it after my perceptions. It takes 10,000hrs or so to master something. I’ve been in sales for close to a decade, having built a myriad of clientele from around the world and of all different levels of being. Having accumulated a vast amount of information and engagements with people from all around the world, the common themes in that made our interactions successful were based off a few key pillars that I sell by:
  • A customer centric approach
  • Experiential selling
  • Being open and engaging – relationship building
  • Authenticity
  • Being dynamic
  • A bespoke approach tailored to the individual
  • A global standard and inclusive approach

These are some of the key things that make up MyBeauty’s core values. The key thing that sets us apart is in the manner we bring these things across as a brand in our engagements and in how we develop our products and service offerings. No other company can do it quite exactly the same, as its based on a nature of being and perception of the world that can be emulated but cannot be entirely duplicated. There is only one Apple/Google/Space X for a reason.
We desire to build a global organization that services millions of people around the globe, expanding our product line and services as we grow in alignment with our core values that will spread and share our experience with an ever-greater number of people. It’s our goal to keep challenging the status quo of creating market competitive products in a sustainable way and create new initiatives to give back to our consumers and to protect the environment in the best way we can whilst simultaneously engaging in good business!
MyBeauty is moving towards a lifestyle-based engagement as a whole whilst still maintaining the professional standards it bases all its services on. Principles never change. So we main best practice yet constantly look to innovative new ways of executing these principles based on the markets needs!
Regards Chace

Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst

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