MyBeauty Cosmetics

MyBeauty Cosmetics – known, as “MB Cosmetics” is an African plant based product line that focuses on Mother Nature’s rich natural elements and the relationship it has with our skins.
Skincare is something that has moved away from being “a luxury” and has become more of an essential in our basic daily routine as human beings. The constant threat of the sun, UVA and free radicles tied up in the immense levels of pollution we are exposed to in the 21st century has catapulted the value of maintaining oneself adequately.
MB Cosmetics is an essential luxury. We mix the need to maintain ones skin adequately with the luxury of the richest and finest ingredients designed to supply splendid results. Our core ingredients that create the base of line are
  • Kigelia Fruit
  • Aloe Vera
  • Shea Butter
  • Jojoba Plant Extract
  • Tea Tree
  • Bamboo Stem Extract
Our products are noncomedogenic, free of irritants, balance the skins P.H and are for all skin types. We formula test in Europe, Germany yet we manufacture in South Africa and source the bulk of our ingredients from Africa as a whole. Our manufacturing and formulating teams have got over 20years in the business and we take great care to insure a global standard in produce, consistently throughout all phases of our production line.
Skincare is an art. It must be done with those with a passion for what they are doing as we are extremely passionate about making the finest of products to bring to market.
We are constantly developing new lines of product and updating and fine-tuning our range of goods to service an ever-greater number of people whilst achieving the fine balance in delivering more effective results and solutions for specified skin issues.
MB Cosmetics assists with anti-aging, redness, dry skin, oily skin, blemishes, scaring, fungal skin challenges, daily maintenance, men’s range and body range goods. We have a total product line of 31 goods available in variations based on age, gender, and ethnicity whilst having standardized product collections available for everyone’s usage.

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