MyBeauty goes online!

Welcome to MyBeauty Online! In this article we take a more detailed view of how we came to be and expand into the history of our MB Cosmetics product line.
MyBeauty is a luxury brand that manufactures its own product line. We came to market retailing via mobile stores and bricks & mortar locations focusing on experiential selling and service through our hand picked trained sales consultants, working to give a customer centric service delivery.
The journey began in 2016 when Chace – Founder and CEO of MyBeauty, created the company with the desire to create a customer centric business that mirrored the experiential selling that had built him success and an extensive client base from an extremely young age.
Having been in the sales and cosmetics industry for almost a decade, a great deal of success, experience, knowledge and understanding has culminated to what has in the last year quickly become an upcoming local luxury brand in South Africa.
The business has unfolded in phases, starting with our service portal housing some known cosmetic brands such as Nimue by Ascendis Health & Dermalogica whilst we were in the process of developing our own product range. We then launched our official brand look and feel in alignment with our MB Cosmetics line that embodies the beauty of the brand.
The choice to manufacture our own line was driven by the intent to bring to market a unique line of goods that encompassed all the “new age” desires that have been evolving the beauty industry in recent years. That being said, we developed a sustainable natural product line, free of commonly used chemicals, free of animal testing with a focus of using packaging that is recyclable and reducing our contributive negative impact on an already suffering environment.
That in mind we also sought to give our clients sustainable dramatic results that assist with key technical skin challenges such as eczema and psoriasis, dryness, anti aging, blemishes to mention a few and general maintenance and care.
Servicing a premium market our core cosmetics line initially developed around their needs but understanding that skincare is for all, we added key items that have multi-use purposes at a more affordable cost price, and little luxuries to allow everyone to be able to spoil themselves with the highest quality goods at a attainable price opening up our market to having something for everyone.
MyBeauty continues to develop more product items that service the never ending changing needs of the market and we strive to translate our core values into each product item we develop to share the MyBeauty Experience with everyone. Stay connected to learn more about MyBeauty!

Photo by: @sarahpflugphoto 

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