About Us

MyBeauty is an African Luxury Brand offering South African manufactured goods focusing on beauty, hygiene and leather vanity products, as well as the ultimate treatment experience at our Cosmetic Centre & Spa in Sandton City, Johannesburg.

We are driven to create natural, luxurious and sustainable goods, offering the ultimate luxury experience through our creative and focused efforts around our consumers.


More about our organization

Our Organization is:

  • Inclusive (a combined team effort) with something for everyone
  • Idea generating – forward thinking is the source of our drive
  • Autonomous – we have all the components of a fully sustainable organization (from manufacturing, distribution, retail)
  • Being a niche brand allows us to define ourselves, instead of being defined by market or competition, which gives us our unique selling position/approach.
  • As a dynamic organization – we are adaptable and can rapidly change to meet customers needs


We Do:

Product & Service

Description - Primary

Description - Extended

Luxury Goods

Vanity Bags

Luxury Apparel

Beauty Products

MyBeauty Cosmetics (MB)

Luxury gifting & Hygiene

Self Maintenance

Treatments & Facials

Body Care & Maintenance

Experiential Selling

Demonstrating & Engaging

Concierge & Customer Support


We are anchored by 7 Principles that serve as the foundation for all MyBeauty Activities.

MB Brand Pillars


Customer Centric - Product & Service Development


Experiential - The Ultimate Luxury


Engaging - CRM - Relationship Building


Bespoke - Tailored to individuals needs


Dynamic - Vision & Idea Generating


Inclusive - Collaborative & Global