Youma Glow Moisturizer

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Youma Cosmetics

Youma Glow is an oil based moisturizer. Which hydrates skin naturally with its rich oils,high in vitamins A,E&D,
Which are important to skin as
Vitamin A is good for healing and hydrating, vitamin E which is an antioxidant beneficial in preventing uv damage to the skin and vitamin D which helps the skin from prematurely aging as well treat skin conditions like eczema.

In addition Youma Glow includes essential fatty acids for skin, such as omegas 3, 6 & 9 which are known for their moisturizing & anti-inflammatory properties.

It deeply hydrates the skin without feeling heavy. 

This natural mix is loaded with ingredients which are targeted to deal with pigmentation,dry skin, counterattacking breakouts,strengthening skin elasticity as will as managing skin conditions such as psoriasis.

It is pH balance to 5.5 which is perfect as it is the natural skin balance. Therefore this evens the skin,deals with discoloration, brightens and restores moisture to skin.

Youma will keep your skin youthful and healthy.

It is to be used twice a day, and works wonders when body is at rest.