Welcome to MYBEAUTY Afrique, the home of African excellence since 2014

Built by Desire

Constantly innovating the continent’s beauty standards, MYBEAUTY Afrique formulates the finest fragrances, technologies & science-backed cosmetic solutions in the global market.

Not all ingredients are born equal

100% African excellence

When brands seek out unrivalled ingredient quality, they turn to Africa.

But why?

Maybe it’s because we harness an abundance of natural luxury that’s gifted us everything from mystical fragrances to mood stabilizers and cosmetics.

 Or maybe it’s just because the world wants what it can’t easily have.

Whatever the case may be, we understand that luxury lies in nature, where its abundance can flow freely for all to hold.

Standards we live by

The 5 Pillars of MYBEAUTY Afrique

★ Innovation - we’re always pushing possibilities and boundaries
★ Autonomy - we’re fully sustainable from manufacturing to retail
★ Adaptability - we understand that the only constant in life is change
★ Inclusivity - there’s enough room for everyone
★ Independence - we define ourselves and create our own standards

We know luxury. You will too.

A bespoke experience

We understand that your body is just as unique as you are. That’s why our products are designed to suit everybody and every body.

Delicate combinations of African and international ingredients are cultivated to deliver an uncompromisingly luxurious experience, just the way you like it.

The best of both worlds

Africa x France

We’re proud of our roots and never offshore our production process.

Instead, we only import key ingredients that can’t be found locally (like oils from France) and alchemize our science-backed solutions right here in South Africa.

Real results from real ingredients.

Nature x Science

Africa’s abundance of rejuvenating resources inspires a truly impressionable experience that even the most discerning eye can appreciate.

But what happens when you combine the cutting-edge technology of today with these ancient ingredients that have consistently delivered results for generations?

We had to find out, and MYBEAUTY Afrique was born.

Using only culturally relevant and sustainably sourced ingredients, each & every MYBEAUTY Afrique product is formulated and tested beyond global FDA standards.

No fluff. No filler. No additives.

Perfect your self-care routine

★ Hypnotising fragrances and scents that have been trusted for hundreds of years
★ 100% natural and FDA-approved ingredients sourced to the highest ethical standards
★ Cosmetic results backed by science and rigorous studies
★ Sustainable, eco-friendly packaging for a greener planet

Talking the talk & walking the walk

Anyone can say they’re the best. It’s harder to get hundreds of
customers to say the same.

Got some Sabe Le Sable a few weeks back and believe me, I am done with other brands!


Man - you were right - LA Patron is FIRE! I officially trust you!


Even my wife is jealous! Will be visiting her with you very soon.


I don't like the perfume, I love it! Will definitely come back for more!


The skin products are great. My skin tone is looking good and my face is looking brighter. As for the perfume, I get compliments all the time!


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