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CLOC Infrared Thermometer

R 1,995

The CLOC Non-Contact Digital Infrared Thermometer SK-T008 is a high-precision and accurate temperature reader.


Due to the device being non contact usage is a simple plug and play. It's operating temperature operates between 10.0℃-40.0℃ within range 35.0℃-42.0℃+ 0.2℃ and out of range 35.0℃-42.0℃+0.3℃

The CLOC Non-Contact Digital Infrared Thermometer SK-T008 will sound an alarm for the upper and lower temperature limit to help identify abnormalities or fevers. This product requires a single 9V battery to operate

Product Information:

LCD display with backlight for dark condition Uses infrared technology Auto power off Power Supply: DC9V Battery Measuring Range: Body Temperature Mode:32.0℃~42.9℃ Measuring Distance: 5-15cm Product Size: 100*46*160mm(Length*Width*Height) Atmospheric Pressure: 70kpa-106kpa Indicating Unit Resolution: 0.1℃ 

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