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Youma Cosmetics

Youma Hair milk, is a lightweight hair lotion which is used to revive the bounce back from dull hair. This is life changing when you are in a rush and let’s face it we always are. Not only is it a quick fix to dull hair it is also 100% natural as well as paraben and sulfate free. Loaded with moisturizing, growth and anti-inflammatory properties such as vitamin B5, A, E, fatty acids and amino acids which are potent in the ingredients used.

Mix it with some water and apply onto hair for volume moisture and definition.

Being as it is natural ,it is safe to use on all types of hair, age and gender. Inclusive of hair extensions so get your curls, coils, kinks or waves restored.

Unlike chemical based products which keep the skin and hair addicted as they further dry up the skin and hair without constant use. These products have no such side effects.

This product will last up to 3 months. Ideal in terms of value as it revives your hair without the hours needed on wash day or the salon.

To complete your hair growth journey Youma pairs the hair milk with the Youma deep conditioner and Hair scalp treatment